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          1. Ge Jinze


            One day, a boy entered in the garage. He is a janitors child, living a hard life. His whole family eat and sleep in a small room which is less then ten square meters. The boy doesnt even have a tidy school bag or a book. Once Ge Jinze knew about it, he immediately donated the schoolbag, the books and the warm clothes to him. When the boy got the donations, he was so excited. After that, whenever Ge had the time, he taught the boy how to look up the words and read English. During winter and summer vacation, he took the boy to take part in the activities in the community.

              Ge Jinze not only helps people he doesnt know, but also is a role model for the students. At the beginning of the semester, he always helps teachers clean and decorate the classroom. He also helps his classmates in need. Once people asked him why he did all of these, he smiled:  Helping others makes me happy.