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            The announcement of transfer students for the Fall 2016 semester


               Chongwen Experimental School is now accepting transfer students for the Fall 2016 semester. Please notice the announcement below:


            Grade accepted: Grade 3

            Registration time: June 3rd 2016---July 8th 2016

            Registration method: Please download the attachment of application form. Email the completed application form to: chwedujx@163.com. You will receive an email to make sure your registration is successful.

            The interview time: 13:00PM July 9th 2016

            Contact number: 0571-86560816   Ms.Yu /Ms.Xie


            Remind: Please bring the student's report and residence booklet, as well as any other materials related. Parents are required to come with the students for the interview.


            Thank you for your attention in this announcement.

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