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            The summer camp is coming


            The summer camp of “International Village” is coming! During the summer camp, you can learn cross culture and broaden your international vision. There are teachers from different countries, such as Britain, Australia and the United States. There are a variety of courses: soccer, basketball, swimming, Taekwondo, Latin dance, Hip-hop, boxing, and so on. We provide oral English lessons which are given by foreign teachers. We have drama lessons through which you can practice spoken English and acting. At night, you can enjoy colourful activities: Halloween Night, Campus Disco, Costume Ball, …



            There are two phases of the summer camp. This is the schedule:

            The first phase of the summer camp :July 8th----July 17th

            The second phase of the summer camp: July 21st ----July 30th

                Are you looking forward to the summer camp? Come on! Join us now! Welcome to the summer camp of “International Village” in Chongwen!

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