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            The Opening Ceremony of Pro Bono Summer Camp


                On July 20th, the opening ceremony of pro bono summer camp was held by Zhejiang Women's Federation and Chongwen Hangzhou Experimental School. In the next ten days, the 76 left over children from Kaihua County and Tiantai County would live and learn with other two hundred children from all over the Zhejiang Province.

                At the opening ceremony, the Chinese teachers and foreign teachers presented the knowledge of sinology, tie dye, magical science, basketball, football, which drew kids’ full attention. The objection of Chinese and foreign teachers teaching together is to let children experience the traditional Chinese culture as well as the foreign cultures. The core of the summer camp is to practice. Therefore, the courses about quality developing, life education, interpersonal relationship, mental health were developed to help children spend the summer vacation happily and meaningfully.

                Accordingly, it is the forth year that Zhejiang Women's Federation has held the pro bono summer camp. From two or three days at the beginning to nearly ten days nowadays, from twenty or thirty students to seventy or eighty students, the summer camp is getting more and more appealing and exerts more influence on the students. The experience of summer camp goes far beyond enjoying the fun activities. Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in a child’s life. Camp provides children with a community of caring mentors who provide experiential education that leads to self-respect and appreciation for life. All of the outcomes—friendships, overcoming challenges, staying healthy and building character— prepare them for bigger, brighter lives down the road. In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills are learned at camp. 

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