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            Learn From Lei Feng Day


              March 5th is the annual “Learn From Lei Feng Day”. In the new semester opening ceremony, the vise principal Yu Daming gave an exciting speech to arouse pupils’ awareness to learn from Lei Feng and help each other.

              In the afternoon, the playground was full of hustle and bustle and each shop owner obtained the business license. After striking the gong, the school fair literally began. There were all kinds of products in the school fair and customers were able to get a good bargain. The auction was still one of the most amazing features. Drawings from students, teachers and artists were presented in the gym. Thanks to the hard work of the auctioneer, the parents were quite active in bidding.

              The school fair is one of the most popular school events. Through the school fair all the teachers and students had the opportunities to donate their earnings to the charity. Thank you for your kindness!

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