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            Better Technology Better Life


            Last week, the 15th Science Festival was held in Hangzhou Chongwen Experimental School. Students enjoyed themselves and learned the importance of the technology.

            At the opening ceremony, students had the glimpse of the development of information delivery through the performances that illustrates the different delivery methods from ancient times to nowadays. In ancient times, people kept records by tying knots. Later, Chinese people delivered message through a chain of relay stations at certain distances to each other. Gradually, national postal system was established. And the invention of telephones, telegrams, then Internet totally changes people’s life, Besides the presentation of different delivery methods, the coming of robot “Chubby” rebuilt the definition of the robots. In the following days, students used different technologies such as mobile applications, 3D printers, smart watches, smart sensors to feel the charm of science and technology. Through the street science show, students saw all kinds of products which makes people’s lives better. Through the experiment show pupils became the scientists to reveal the truth of the world. Through the impossible missions, children opened their minds and turned out to be great heroes.

            All of these amazing shows were supported by the teachers and parents. Hereby, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all the devoting parents and teachers. Thank you!

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