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Ohlone Elementary School visited Chongwen

    In the morning of April 11th, Ohlone Elementary School, which located in Palo Alto, California, to be as the guest started their one-day-friendly exchanges and visits in Chongwen Experimental School. The vice-president, Fugen Yu, greeted the lovely kids from Ohlone Elementary School at the hall and Bangyi He, the student in Grade 5 gave them a Chinese painting created by herself as a gift to extend our warm welcome.

     Later, with the guidance of Ms. Yang, the whole group began to visit the school and were attracted by the amazing copper sculptures, the lifelike pottery and the library that has the 4-seasons-decoration style, in other words, all of them enjoyed the pleasure of Chongwen. Then each kids were taken to their classroom as presupposed.

     Kongfu is the essence of Chinese culture. In the afternoon, the Chinese teacher, Ms.Hua who had come to gym very early and performed a three piece stick which won a lot of applause. For the next, was the part of the practicing by kids, they were enthusiastic and concentrated on what they  had learned. We have to mention the umbrella when it comes to Hangzhou. Miss. Tian gave the foreign kids a wonderful painting class that each of them made their own paper umbrellas and paper fans, some of them even showed amazing talent and creativity to Chinese painting.

     We hope that the friendship between the two schools will last forever and we are looking forward to the next meeting.

                                                                                            Reporter Lou Jiaquan

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