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Spring Holiday comes!


On April 26th and 27th, students and teachers from Hangzhou Chongwen Experimental School went to six different schools and enjoyed their spring holiday with their new friends.

Separated into 6 different teams, the students and faculties visited Zhuji Hongyi Primary School, Pujiang Longfeng International school, Haining Ziwei Primary School, Deqing Sanqiao Primary School, Ningbo Daxie N0.2 Primary School and Zhenhai Art Experimental School. Each team cooperated with the local school’s students and presented an interesting and meaningful class. The mentors of each team gave sincere and practical comments to the teachers on how to pursue a more student-centered class, which illuminated the teachers from both sides.

        Besides having classes, the teams went to different tourist spots and touched the beauty of the local culture. Cultures vary from region to region, there is also a valuable experience that travel can provide, which is to experience different charms of cultures and that’s the very core of the spring holiday. Never stop looking. Never stop learning and discovering.

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