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What is mathematics?


    What is mathematics? How great is it? Let the 4th Math Festival tell you about it.
    In the mathematics festival, there were 16 activities such as “The Fourteen Puzzles”, “Chinese Nine Linked Rings Puzzle”, “The Pocket Maze” and “The Pyramid Puzzle”, each presenting the mysteries of mathematics and stimulating students’ motivation to solve the puzzles. The students not only enjoyed the games, but also developed their critical thinking ability.
    In the math supermarket, 30 courses about “math history”, “math genius” “math magic” and “math games” were designed by the teachers. And students could choose one course they were interested in to participate. In the process of studying with peers, the mystery of mathematics was uncovered little by little.
    One of the major activities in the math festival is “face to face with the winner”. Winners from the last math festival would pass one of his or her winning tips to the other classmates and the secret is to master the methods and to practice it over and over again.
    In Chongwen, each child is unique and can find a platform for self-expression. The world of mathematics is as vast as the universe. From different perspectives, there will be more to be discovered.

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