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            Children's Day


            Children's Day is celebrated on 1 June. Schools usually hold activities such as children's performances, camping trips, or free movies on Children's Day or the day before to let students have fun. So how did children in Chongwen celebrate this special day?

            On Childrens day, campus was decorated with lights. There was a long red carpet in the middle of the hall. Early in the morning, students wore their favorite clothes and took part in the red carpet show. Everyone confidently left the brightest smile in front of the camera with their friends and classmates. Take a quick look! Who was in the hall? It turned out that there were mysterious people at the end of the red carpet. The mascots Jiabao, Chenbao and the cartoon dinosaurs were surrounded by the students. Everyone wanted to take a photo with these lovely characters.

            The highlight of the day was the game time! These brilliant and unique games brought laughter to the campus. During the game time, the teachers also prepared presents for each child, such as football, lego, models, and dolls. 

            Children's innocent smiles are the beautiful sceneries in the world. For these beautiful smiles, the teachers carefully designed the games and organized them in advance. On Childrens Day, kids are dazzling stars while teachers are sweating photographers and hard-working mascot players. But for the teachers, the smiles counts.

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