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"Sunshine in the Winter" Donation



    “Sunshine in the Winter donation was held on November 27th. There were almost 1400 packages on the playground which contained the love and hope from the students. After a few days, these packages would be delivered to the students in the poverty-stricken areas such as Sichuan, Gansu and Tibet.

    The students has donated clothes and books since 2013. With the help of Sanggeyulan public welfare foundation, the packages were delivered to Sichuan, Gansu ,Tibet and Sinkiang. For 4 years, the school gathered almost tons of clothes and books that were donated to dozens of schools and kindergartens and to more than twenty thousand students. Different from the common donations, the Chongwen packages are designed for different purposes. The students write down the gender and the size on the packages so that they can satisfy different needs.