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Academic Open Week

    On the morning of January 3, the opening ceremony of Academic Open Week of Hangzhou Chongwen Experimental School was held in the concert hall. The Open Week focuses on the international development of "New Education", student development and the curriculum reform.

    Mr. Wang Guohua, the vice president of Nanyang Confucian Association in Singapore, gave the report “Whole-person Development and the Learning Skills in the 21st Century." Then, Yu Guodi, the principal of Chongwen Experimental School, shared the challenges and opportunities the school is facing.

    There were three international courses in the afternoon. Ms. Zeng and the foreign teacher gave the international course Special me, Colorful world. By creating the context, Ms. Zeng guided students to understand and feel the diversity of the world. Students' cooperative abilities and independent learning capabilities and the comprehensive language skills could be developed.

    Gao Linfang designed the food education course which focused on the food nutrition and table manners for the third grade students. The course created the real-life context and helped students put what they learned into practice.

    Song Chang and the foreign teacher gave drama course. They worked together to give advice on dramatic performance to the students. Combined with the drama elements, the course helped students to find and solve the questions. The course was composed of student-centered activities and some certain activities were supposed to foster students' ability to think critically and to act creatively and perform vividly. Students' language skills, organizational skills and the ability to express could be strengthened through creating and rehearsing.

    Hong Lan, a teacher from Dunman High School, presented the composition class for the sixth grade students. With checklists and evaluation charts, Ms. Hong guided students to describe the characters vividly and write the composition from different angles based on the different writing purposes.

    The Book of Odes says, “A bird sings out to draw a friend's response.” Chongwen school expressed warm welcome to all of the friends from the various fields of education.