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Drama Night


        On the evening of April 23th, the "Drama Night" in Chongwen Experimental School kicked off. Teachers, students and parents were gathered happily in the Concert Hall, together enjoying this wonderful drama feast.

        With such the familiar scene, such the familiar campuse, lovely faces appeared on the large screen one after another. Each of the face once carried a shining dream, which is still beautiful and will become more brilliant without any doubt.  The first drama was "Jungle Boys", which was brought by all students from class 3 Grade 6. All audiences were excited by the enthusiasm of the dancing and singing. Then there was "Snow White" performed by Class 6 grade 6, they got a resounding round of applause due to their wonderful performance. Next was “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” brought by Class 2 Grade 6. With the handsome prince and twelve beautiful princesses dancing gracefully on the platform, the drama was extremely great. Then followed "The Lion King" performed by Class 8 grade 6. They had a good cooperation so the audiences were deeply attracted. Students in Class 5 Grade 6 performed "The Adventure of Tom Sawyer". These little actors performed passionately. Class 1 Grade 6 brought us “King Arthur”, which made us experience the last century in Europe, showing us their distinctive and shocking performances. The performance from Class 7 Grade 6 was "Alice in Wonderland". These young actors were full of passion and put into the role, and won the praises from all the audiences. The performance Brought by Class 4 Grade 6 was "Three Dozens of Bones", which brought us the classic and a different journey to the west.

       These wonderful dramas were compiled, guided and performed by themselves. They began to read the original books from the last semester, then rewrite the script, designed costumes and props. They rehearsed together in groups. During this process, they gained not only the happiness but also the skills of acting as well as the spirits of cooperation., which cultivated their confidence and showed the most colorful dreams.

      The atmosphere of the whole party was pushed to climax again and again, lasting for nearly two hours. All the teachers, students and parents spent time in joy. Students showed us the charm of youth, personality and positiveness in the drama thoroughly.



Reporter: Ge Jiayin