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Brief Introduction


Brief Introduction of HangZhou Chongwen Experimental School.


The first school fully implementing New Class Education in China.


The predecessor of HangZhou Chongwen Experimental School is Hangzhou Chongwen Academy (founded in 1599), one of the four greatest colleges in late Qing Dynasty. "To make the school a learning and growing paradise for teachers and students" is the everlasting mission of Chongwen Experimental School.


In October 2002, Chongwen Experimental School was built on the south of the Qiantang River, which covered an area of 30 acres. It is the first primary school especially designed for "Small Class Education" and also the first school fully implementing the "New Class Education" in China.


Chongwen Experimental Schoolnot only has an elegant environment and the first-class teaching facilities but also owns advanced teaching concepts. It has a magnificent concert hall, a standard experiential dormitory for students, a full-open E-Reading Room, a tidy canteen, a students' library with more than thirty thousand copies of books and professional classrooms for music, art, science and other subjects, ect. Each classroom in Chongwen is equipped with interactive flat-panel computer. The desks, chairs and information boards in each classroom are especially designed for "Small Class Education". Each teacher has a personal laptop for teaching. At present, there are 48 classes including more than 1420 students.


Chongwen Experimental Schoolhas a strong team of excellent teachers. It constantly strengthens the team of teachers, and enhances the innovation of teaching mode. Chongwen makes full use of resources around by setting up workshops with famous special-grade teachers, such as Mr. Zhang Huawan, Mrs.Wang Yanhua, Mrs.Yang Mingming, Mrs.Yang Weihua, Mr.Zhu Leping, Mr.Zhang Dinger,ect. It implements "Chongwen Academy Masters System ", "Apprenticeship Model" and "Teachers' Rating System" to improve teachers' self-development motivation. Therefore, Chongwen has brought up a team full of energy and teaching skills.


Chongwenhas undertaken a series of educational exhibitions, such as West Lake Expo, to strengthen communication with experts and teachers all over the country. Chongwen also communicate with foreign schools actively, it has received educational organizations from America, the Great Britain, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, Germany and so on.


"Bring Chongwen to international level and make it the top school in China" is always the educational goal of Chongwen Experimental School. The famous educator, Mr. Gu Mingyuan gave a high evaluation to Chongwen and wrote an inscription: "Teaching with new concepts; Learning in the New Class Education; Developing new teaching methods; Creating new experience!" President Xi Jinping has visited Chongwen several times, and fully affirmed the school-running orientation.


Chongwen is a school full of youthful spirit.

Chongwen is a school owning plenty of outstanding teachers.

Chongwen is a school which is called "Growing Paradise" by children.

Chongwen absorbs the quintessence from Hangzhou Chongwen Academy, and it is creating the new resplendence.


Jinjiang Wuyuan, Fourth District, Binjiang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.



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